Friday, February 19, 2010

Hunting and Gathering

I have my list, checked it twice, and now to find out if I can keep to my budget. There are some good buys on fish at the Safeway. Roth’s has their 5 meats for $19.99; which includes Mo’s Clam Chowder, yummy. So off I go. I am Susan, the mighty hunter/gatherer on her mission to stalk for the pantry.

Here’s what I bought:

Cascade Pride Cracked Wheat Bread $1.38
Diet Pepsi 20oz 1.39
Deposit .05
Hy-Top French Fries 4.36
Inland Valley Tater Puffs 5.13
Nucoa Margarine 1.36
Imperial Margarine 2@.68 1.36
Hostess Chocolate Donettes 1.98
Romano Pecarino 7.54
Tillamook Cheddar Cheese 5.98
Deli Swiss 5.14
Reser Burrito Bean & Cheese 7.54
Hy-Top Cream Cheese .98
Sharp Cheddar 3.90
Oscar Honey Ham 3.49
Coffeemate Creamer 2.98
International Coffee Creamer 2.47
Chunky Vegetable Beef Soup 2@1.48 2.96
Chunky Steak & Potato Soup 2@1.48 2.96
Wheat Thins Family Size 2.88
Krispy Crackers 1.58
Fuji Apples 3.91#@.98 3.83
Cabbage 2.59#@.48 1.24
Banana 4.64#@.58 2.69
Cauliflower .98
Lettuce Head .98
Onions 5# bag 2.78

Total $79.85

Roth’s IGA
Sack Refund 3@.05 -.15
Frozen Clam Chowder 4.89
3.99 sale price -.90
Frozen Clam Chowder 4.89
3.99 sale price -.90
Petite Sirloin Steak 6.95
4.00 sale price -2.95
Natural Beef Cube Steak 5.64
4.00 sale price -1.64
10% Extra Lean Ground Beef 7.32
4.00 sale price -3.32
10% Extra Lean Ground Beef 7.45
4.00 sale price -3.45
Our Own Pork Sausage 3.07
Flav-R Pac Peas .99
Florida OJ 2.99
Grapefruit Juice 2.99
Coupon 2 @ $.100 -2.00
Gallon 2% milk 2 @ 2.39 5.78
Coupon 2 @ .41 -.82
Mixed Frozen Veggies .99
Flav-R Pac Corn 2 @ .99 1.98
Ice Cream no sugar 2 @ 3.99 7.98
Coupon 2 @ 1.00 -2.00
Sugar Free Cool Whip 2 @ 1.50 3.00
Dozen large AA eggs 2.39
Coupon 2.80 -2.80
Bananas 1.97 @.59 1.16

Total 48.54

Today’s Total $128.39

Which leaves me $71.61 to buy dog food, cat food, generic prilosec and any goodies for the next two weeks. And $15.00 left from last payday equals $86.61. Plus if I take back cans and bottles for the deposit refund, I will be golden until the next payday.

To plan meals I shop my freezer, pantry, and fridge. This means I can fix such meals as Sausage, Noodles, and Cabbage; BBQ Brats, Fries, and Coleslaw; Mac & Cheeses with home canned green beans; Meatloaf; and a few tasty surprises over the next two weeks.


  1. Ha ha! I'm totally going to think of my next shopping trip as a hunting/gathering mission. That's way more fun than just boring old shopping!

    American groceries are sooo much cheaper than Canadian groceries. *sigh* I can't get a head of cauliflower for less than $3, for example.

  2. We live along the I-5 corridor and our produce is some of the cheapest in the US do our proximity to the shipping lanes.

    The 'hunter/gatherer' came from trying to get a teenage daughter to help with the shopping. She caught on to the idea. She is also very good at shopping the clearence racks in the department stores.

  3. Susan..How often do you go to the grocery and what is your budget? I go big shopping every 2 weeks but stop by the store for milk once a week. I have read blogs where they only spend like 40 and get so much stuff...I am so not there yet! We budget 400 a month to groceries but I want to cut that down...

  4. Karsyn,
    I shop every other week on payday, have for almost 40 years. I will stop in for something only occaisionally between, otherwise I blow my $200 per payday budget (that includes food for two dogs, three cats, which takes up $50 - $75 a paycheck, including their snacks and such).
    I can shop cheaper, but we like to keep a full pantry.
    I have used coupons in the past. Just got out of the habit. I found that they would expire before I found the product on sale. And with just using coupons (even doubled) I found shopping sales, loss leaders, and discount stores to be more profitable.
    This past week, I overdid the cheese (one of my failings, loving cheese) when I should have bought fish. Hopefully, since it is Lent, there should be more fish on sale in the coming weeks.