Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hunting and Gathering Part Duex

Part Duex

Purina One UTF 11.98
8 pk Alpo 8.98
8 Alpo @ .98 7.84
Dried Apricots 2.50
DVD 10 pk 9.98
Prunes 1.78
Omeprazale 16.44
Cheerios 3.88
Corn Flakes 3.00
Micro popcorn 5.00
White Vinegar 1.72
Diet cola 2.58
Caf free DC 2.58
24 @.05 dep 1.20

Total $79.36

I came in under budget and still have some cash and cans

For $1 I got
4 loaves whole wheat bread
1 loaf Italian bread
1 loaf asiago bread
8 whole wheat bagels
1 peach Yes one peach. I’ll fix sliced peach over ice cream with cool whip all sugar free
1 cream of corn with potato soup box
1 doz cake donuts that ended up were already molding – guess I didn’t need them
8 giant fruit and nut muffins

Unless we need fresh fruit or veggies we should be good until 3/5

Tonight’s Dinner
Mac n’ Cheeses
Green Beans
Vanilla Ice Cream topped with peach slices and Cool Whip.

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